Friday, August 23, 2013

Spot Fake ID Website Scams

Want a fake id? Take just minutes to READ my blog or ELSE.

I have spent a lot of time getting ripped off until I got a fake license a year back. I spent a lot of time to research and give you the definitive guide to NOT getting ripped off buying a fake id. If you do not believe what I say below or read it word for word, then you get what you deserve as I said above.

Spot a fake id scam site! Easy as 1.2.3...

You know its a scam when...

The fake id site shows you images or video of a license that is blurred out or covered. Covering up your own license information and image, then taking a video of it, like you made it, does not fool anyone does it??

They make you pay by Western Union. Western Union is law enforcements best friend. Only fast cash scammers use Western Union asking you to wire money to some name in a foreign land. Real fake ID makers never use this payment when law enforcement track the seller and buyer to arrest.

They ship by USPS. Not one legit fake id maker is in the USA or Canada anymore, I can say this with 100% certainty. Known fact the USA scans the front of all domestic mail and keeps a log (NSA). This means anyone in the USA mailing fake id can be busted. Just takes one LE to order the fake id, then check the database from where it was mailed, do a stake out, and the seller is toast.

Location... Location!. There are plenty of sites claiming they are genuine, but just wait until you see the novelty junk you actually receive in the mail, if it comes at all. Only legit sites operate out of China, like ID chief and a few others. Again, NOT one legit fake id maker is in the USA or Canada anymore, I can say this with 100% certainty.

That wasn't hard to read now was it? Now, if you only stick to the above warnings you got a chance. I do not recommend any sites, but you can always email me below with my advice on a site. I get lots of emails and try to respond to them all.

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