Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Now Identity Theft Scam Report

Update 11/09/2016 changed the website name to and also hosted on the same server is, seems both sites are owned by the same guy.
KEEP sending me emails and I will keep reporting when I can group enough together and verify it as the truth.

I received an email from a guy who bought a fake id from Told me a story of how his credit was ruined due to identity theft starting a few weeks after his purchase from RGF. This guy put the blame on RGF. I asked how could they do this as to get a fake ID you do not provide info that is not already public knowledge such as your name and address? He replied that RGF sent him an email that his SS# was needed for his state to format the driver license number, and he gave it to them. Still could be a coincidence, but since this first guy I have received numerous emails of the same story. This guy was the wrong guy to mess with and has done lots of digging and apparently got into RGF's server. I am posting the info he gave me below, so if you are a victim of RGF you know who to complain to:
The owner of is Andrew “Fashion” Thompson This guy is a huge tool bag and enjoying his money off of stealing peoples identity. I have a ton of info on Andrew for anyone who emails me and wants it. This guy sent me everything including other illegal activity he is into.

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