Friday, January 05, 2018 review it is a scam and are of the same owner. Many of you have emailed me about this, so I reached out to the person who gave me the info on reallygoodfakes. He already knew the owner of these two scam sites and after reviewing the proof provided I have no doubts! Andrew Thompson. Of Culver City California is at it again.

Proof I was given shows after closing reallygoodfakes (RGF) Andrew sold the RGF URL that now forwards to another site not owned by him. Would not buy from that site either. Who would buy a URL known for fake id scamming and forward to their fake id website, unless they did not care, and scam as well?

Appears Andrew after being outed for owning RGF sold the URL. Removed the new id scam site and his personal website I linked in my other blog post. Next, got work on these two new scams and Every single image on the two sites are stolen from legit and scam sites. Whois fake information is purchased. Andrew also runs scam steroid pharm sites and will list them soon.

Have you been scammed by one of these sites? You can report it! Not a crime for you to buy a novelty id online. It is a crime when the site does not deliver and sure he is not reporting his Bitcoin earnings! Andrew has a company:

Thompson and Executives Inc. in Culver City, CA - (310) 488-1156

Submit fraud complaint if you were scammed by his new sites. Get him in jail and stop his scams.

Contact me, if you have info or questions:  canadafakeidscam (Add in the @)