Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fake ID From China

Statistics show over 80% percent of college students have used a fake id to purchase alcohol and enter a bar. In today's world of government officials braking every law they make for the public it is no wonder those under 21 are seeking out fake ids. Why follow the law when those who make them do not? This seems to be the new motto of this generation and rightfully so. By law you are an adult at 18, can vote, go to war over oil for your government controlled by big businesses, but not responsible enough to consume alcohol? Something is very wrong and more are awakening to this fact. new breed of websites have emerged selling replicated fake driver licenses. Based in China is well known on college campuses as the go-to website for fake ids. There are even websites that give detailed reviews of fake id makers like or Recently US congress sent a letter to the Chinese government urging them to take action and shut down the fake id websites. These requests have been ignored as China does not go on bended knee for the USA. Holding the majority of US debt and could collapse the US economy overnight by dumping the bonds that China holds, it is clear China has no need to be bullied by the US government. It appears very easy for these sites to slip their ID cards through Customs. Considering the thousands of parcels entering the US daily it is no secret Customs only search a fraction of what passes through. While the US government wants the public they see as sheeple to think they have total control, it is far from the truth. For as little as one hundred dollars a fake id can be purchased online. The fakes reportedly come encoded and will scan just as a real license with the Holder's information. Also, the ids include very sophisticated security features like microprint, ghost images, UV ink printing, and more. Printed on the same card stock teslin, these fakes are not just cheap laminated cards. They are highly accurate in replicating US driver licenses to where even experts, let alone nightclub doorman, can not tell them apart from a real government issued id card. Showing these fakes to doorman with scanners and black lights putting the fake ids through the tests. The doorman had no idea they were fake and reacted in disbelief. Some say it is best to wait until you are 21 years of age. With the internet and ease of purchase of a quality id card, underage college kids are finding it hard to not click their way to being 21 in minutes.

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Update 11/09/2016 changed the website name to then started scamming and shutdown. Sold domain RGF which forwards curently to Draw your own thoughts on that website. No legit site would befriend a scammer and identity thief, buy his defamed site, and forward to his site. Not if you are legit anyways don't you think?

KEEP sending me emails and I will keep reporting when I can group enough together and verify it as the truth.

I received an email from a guy who bought a fake id from Told me a story of how his credit was ruined due to identity theft starting a few weeks after his purchase from RGF. This guy put the blame on RGF. I asked how could they do this as to get a fake ID you do not provide info that is not already public knowledge such as your name and address? He replied that RGF sent him an email that his SS# was needed for his state to format the driver license number, and he gave it to them. Still could be a coincidence, but since this first guy I have received numerous emails of the same story. This guy was the wrong guy to mess with and has done lots of digging and apparently got into RGF's server. I am posting the info he gave me below, so if you are a victim of RGF you know who to complain to:
The owner of is Andrew “Fashion” Thompson This guy is a huge tool bag and enjoying his money off of stealing peoples identity. I have a ton of info on Andrew for anyone who emails me and wants it. This guy sent me everything including other illegal activity he is into.

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