Thursday, March 01, 2018 review it is a scam and are of the same owner. EVERY picture on both sites are from the shut down reddit channel r/fakeid, stolen from other sites, or on google images.

After the bust of a somewhat famous fake id maker r/fakeid purpose could no longer be kept a secret and was shut down.

For so long a US based forum one should automatically not trust based on location where the FEDs have jurisdiction moved in on the channel. Started by a scammer to promote his scam fake id sites. Perfect harmony which the FEDs do all the time! Let the small fish go who keeps order (removing any post about his scams or FEDs) on the forum. In return the FEDs get to focus on those dumb enough to trust a fake id forum based in the US and bust sellers and buyers.

Getting many reports of selective scamming or maybe Texas boy as I know him got busted too. Just maybe the FEDs are running his site which they often do, until the word gets out, and they can bust no more buyers. You have been given the info I receive, be cautious.

Contact me, if you have info or questions:  canadafakeidscam (Add in the @)

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